Our History

Avocado is our star

Our Mission

Our mission is to explore newer, healthier ways to enjoy Avocado and live a happier life.


Our Story

While working as the produce manager at a grocery store, I was fascinated to see the strong demand for guacamole in the days leading up to Super Bowl Sunday.  In 2019, my family and I started selling guacamole at local farmer’s markets.  Grandma’s Guacamole and Salsa Bar was a great success.  Our customers loved it! 


My dreams brought the vision of opening a restaurant using this healthy, creamy, and delicious fruit.  That dream became reality with the opening of Avocado Theory in 2021.  At Avocado Theory, we are continually developing new, tasty and innovative ways to add avocado to a variety of dishes.  We hope you enjoy!


We would love for you to read our Full Story, "Inspiring Journey from India to Tinley Park"

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