Our History

Avocado is our star

Our Mission

Our mission is to explore newer, healthier ways to enjoy Avocado and live a happier life.


Our Story

As the Produce Manager at a grocery store, I was working late on a Superbowl Sunday and astonished to see the line for guacamole—it was insane! This made me wonder how could I introduce this healthy, creamy, and delicious fruit into a variety of dishes?

In 2019, I started selling guacamole with my wife as Grandma's Guacamole and Salsa Bar at the Farmers Market in Tinley Park, Illinois. The outcome was outrageous. Now we are introducing the world's first restaurant that serves an unlimited number of ways to enjoy avocado in your life.


We would love for you to read our Full Story, "Inspiring Journey from India to Tinley Park"

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